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Compensation technology: centralized, streamlined, and real-time.

Payfactors is compensation data and technology like you’ve never seen before. We help you streamline, centralize, and automate your entire compensation process: from job descriptions to data visualizations to total reward statements.
We’re not just market data. We give you the tools and analytics to determine fair and market-ready pay for every position — all wrapped up in the best user interface available. 


Find out why 6,000 global companies are building a more competitive compensation philosophy with Payfactors. 


Payfactors is constantly innovating. Our latest? Total Reward Statements to involve and engage your employees in pay communications — and translate the value and mechanics of pay. 




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  • Automate salary survey participation
  • Centralize your comp & employee data
  • Market price from your jobs or in a sandbox project environment 
  • Get instant access to HR-reported data
  • Build job-based OR grade-based salary structures
  • Join a community of 25,000+ HR and comp pros
  • Monitor COVID-19 trends and data in real-time
  • Overhaul your job descriptions with a built-in library
  • Create dynamic data visualizations 
  • Communicate pay to your employees with Total Reward Statements

And so much more. Payfactors puts the power of technology in your hands to automate and centralize ALL your compensation needs. 

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